Win Big with Freespins at Quatro Casino

There are different ways that you can gain free spins at Quatro Casino:

Become a Member

When you become a member, the casino will place a specific amount of money on your player's card so you can play the slot machines without putting in any of your own cash. This is their way of letting you try the slots before investing your own money.

Great Slots

Many of the slot machines are what are known as loose, which means that will give cash, bonuses, and of course free spins. These machines give out more free spins than you can imagine and if you are playing on your own money you never have to worry about spending a certain amount before you cash out and keep your winnings.

Progressive Slots

This may be hard to believe, as progressive slots are attached to other slot machines that are the same in other casinos so the jackpots can be huge. The good news is that once you hit free spins on these like a few other slot machines, you can hit free spins time and time again and just watch that jackpot money go higher and higher.

Free Spin Fun

Hitting free spins, allows you to sit back and watch your winnings roll in without putting any money into the machine after you put in your first amount. You can actually win quite a bit more than you put in according to how many free spins you hit. There is nothing more exciting than hitting free spins and then watch as you hit free spins again during your free spins. Just remember, after the free spins are over, do not walk quickly with your winnings. As some machines, have been known to hit the jackpot in about two to three spins more after all those free spins.

Quatro Casino:
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